2 Kinds of People

Since the moment

I found you,

I have only encountered

two kinds of people:


and those who aren’t you.


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instead of seeking

a partner

with a particular skill

or quality,

we should

pursue a person

who is full

of effort,

raw energy

for life

and love.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XXI

I have loved you

with things more than love,

beyond the vibrant layers

of devotion

to the rotting

folds of

insecurity and failures;

I have given you

even non-gifts,

because I cannot help

but to offer you everything.

Written Lovers

Written words

are lovers,

climbing into your heart

and changing

who you’ve


Dust & Shadows

You are

the only one

to love me

hard enough

to stir the dust

from my heart,

to shake

the shadows

from its corners.

Cold Embrace


in the

brutal air

of a blizzard,

I think,





the flakes are

to have fallen

where you sit,

caressing you

as they descend.


I look down

to find myself


in a pool of water;

the snow has melted.

Space for Expression

But what is a relationship

without the freedom

of self-expression?

If you so smother

your partner

that she cannot

be herself,

you have lost your partner,

and she, truly,

should lose hers.

Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XVI

“What do you have to offer me?” she asked.

Nervously, I answer:

“I function within an economy

of words,

and I can offer you

a library

of books

written about the way

you look tonight.”


Firestone Friday: Poem XI

Without your touch,

I forget my place.

And I find my world barren

absent your embrace.

Without you, I am lonely

with a loneliness that kills.

But with you, darling,

I’m lonelier still.

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