Children’s Book Release

I have taken some time away from blog writing to focus on the co-creation and release of our first children’s book, When My Family Stayed Home: A Dog’s Quarantine Story.

This story is an uplifting perspective of isolation offered through the lens of a family’s dog who is thrilled, confused, and filled with love when he realizes his family is staying home with him. It explores the new normal that so many families have experienced during the global pandemic. It offers humor, human connection, and hope for the readers, young and old. This piece captures a time that is unique in circumstances but universal in nature. From making dance videos to building toilet paper forts, our dog’s family is experiencing something that we all have, binding us with this shared — and somehow positive, if you ask the dog — moment in history.

Creating this book was a great source of joy and connection during this time of chaos and isolation. I hope that it brings joy to you, too.

Thank you for supporting authors.

Fanart: Freddie Mercury

Sounds of the stage

from the speakers scream

for any and all people

who would cry out for a Queen.

The beauty is for many

but the burden is for few –

punishment for love

even after law withdrew.

The world knows my name

but the I is reserved,

disrobed only for those

my hearts bleats deserved.

Prison of the body,

unseen and unweary,

unknown even by the hatters

mad with Mercury.

Muzzle Mistake

Society’s mistake

in silencing women

is that is teaches us

to change the world

with a whisper —

and we still remember

how to scream.

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