I am learning

that it’s less about

finding energy

and more about

protecting —

defending at all costs —

the energy we do have

for the things

that deserve it.

Rise for Truth

Even if you don’t

rise for opportunity,

rise for success,

or rise for command,


always rise

for the truth.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XIX


the selections

we don’t make

are as


to our character

as the ones

we do.


(I love that this is entitled Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XIX as though I have any idea what day of the week it is. Hope it’s Tuesday!)


I don’t

know why

we ever

seek comfort;

it is always —

unwaveringly —

in the moments

of discomfort,

of yearning,

that we



Testimonies of Nature

Now that the world is silent for a moment, may we again hear the cries of the wind, the whispers of the trees, and the cadence of the river, all, and at once, singing the song of their Creator, the source of trembling power and unexpected life.