Fanart: Villanelle, Killing Eve

my chest echoes

with the cries of my monster,

devoting anything that’s not you,

to a psychopath’s slaughter;

the monster in me

has a single-point view:

the only thing it wants

is the monster in you.



It’s not a symptom

of disrespect

or irreverence

to want America to be better,

but is instead of the purest love:

a love that wants

to carry

something even higher.


Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XXII

I’ve been terrified

by things many

but nothing

has shaken me


how much

I love you.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XXI

I have loved you

with things more than love,

beyond the vibrant layers

of devotion

to the rotting

folds of

insecurity and failures;

I have given you

even non-gifts,

because I cannot help

but to offer you everything.

Lyrics & Love

You are poetry,

every lyric

more inscrutable,

yet more beautiful,

drawing me deeper

into a reverie


with flowers

and lace.

Written Lovers

Written words

are lovers,

climbing into your heart

and changing

who you’ve