2-Word Challenge – Dew/Existential

Economy of Shells

There’s a unique


at the oceanfront,

offered by the generous waves,

eagerly scooped up by


and lovers,

a rich, extravagant gift

of sandy


Earth Day

Thank you

to the

green leaves

for reminding me


it is health

that radiates beauty

and to the

rushing water

that power


from the collective.

Happy Earth Day!

Testimonies of Nature

Now that the world is silent for a moment, may we again hear the cries of the wind, the whispers of the trees, and the cadence of the river, all, and at once, singing the song of their Creator, the source of trembling power and unexpected life.

Firestone Friday: Poem XXII

I see you in every mountain, valley, and assembly of water. I feel you in every breeze, raindrop, and patch of sunlight. I hear you in the voices of others, in the tolling bell, and in the neighbor’s music. I smell you in the chain restaurants, the budding flowers, and the decayed leaves. I taste you in my morning coffee, in my hot tea, and in my straight whiskey. Even at the loss of my senses, I could not escape the world in my mind that is crafted in your matter. There is nothing without or within me that occurs to me before going through you, first.

Ironic Beauty

When you consider the moss and the clay, it seems wildly unreasonable that we don’t give it space in the prestigious category “beauty.” God made flowers and stars and lightning bugs, sure, but He also crafted the things less immediately radiant: the soil, the stones, the molding bark on trees. Without vibrant colors or sweet aromas, these things yield a beauty beyond senses: purpose. How beautiful it is to have purpose; has anything else ever been so tirelessly pursued?

Go ahead, give her a bouquet of molding tree bark; weed out the narrow thinkers 😉


(What else is beautiful because of its purpose or potential that we don’t traditionally honor with the title beauty?)

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