A Quiet God with Loud People

Christ sacrificed




and life —

it is,


the least we can do

to sacrifice

our impulse

to dominate

in argument

and put

in its place



When you’re

seeking something

to be grateful for,

look upon the sunset

and recall

how wonderful it is

that creation wasn’t formed

in only black and white.


On a day

celebrating second life,

I am thankful

for the rebirth

in Christ,

that, against all odds,

my leaves again

turn green.



isn’t overlooking


it’s seeing them

in the their

fullest, most potent


and choosing

to reconcile anyway.


(Happy Palm Sunday!)

Testimonies of Nature

Now that the world is silent for a moment, may we again hear the cries of the wind, the whispers of the trees, and the cadence of the river, all, and at once, singing the song of their Creator, the source of trembling power and unexpected life.

Ironic Beauty

When you consider the moss and the clay, it seems wildly unreasonable that we don’t give it space in the prestigious category “beauty.” God made flowers and stars and lightning bugs, sure, but He also crafted the things less immediately radiant: the soil, the stones, the molding bark on trees. Without vibrant colors or sweet aromas, these things yield a beauty beyond senses: purpose. How beautiful it is to have purpose; has anything else ever been so tirelessly pursued?

Go ahead, give her a bouquet of molding tree bark; weed out the narrow thinkers 😉


(What else is beautiful because of its purpose or potential that we don’t traditionally honor with the title beauty?)


I cannot


but to admit

that I am



to an undeserved


at the Name of Jesus.

Firestone Friday: Poem XXI

A powerful freedom

exists in knowing

that your identity,

your unchanging essence,

and your inextricable value,

do not rest

in production,

so whether you produce

triumphs or failures

or nothing at all,

you remain

as richly radiant

as you always have.

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