Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XII

Poets have long

ached to veil desire

in flowery coverings

to transform emotion

into art.

But what’s more

boldly inspired

than a heart,


crying out

for you?

On Love Poetry

If you dismiss 
romantic writings 
as insipid or vacant 
or banal, 
I won’t say 
“what’s poetry 
without love?”
I’ll ask 
“what’s love 
without poetry?” 

Firestone Friday: Poem XI

Without your touch,

I forget my place.

And I find my world barren

absent your embrace.

Without you, I am lonely

with a loneliness that kills.

But with you, darling,

I’m lonelier still.

Christmas: On Commercial Celebration

But how much


does it take

to make ends meet?


Christmas: On Harmony

May peace reign

and harmony fill the halls;

may our hopes rise

as the glittering snow falls.

On Romantic Novels

I used to read

romance novels

in a fit of fantasy,

living through the characters,

indulging in their dalliance.

Now I read them

as a sort of tragedy;

tales of two lovers

who will never experience

that look in your eyes.

Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XI

She’s a brilliant moon

and, oh,

how I long for the night.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem VII

Like an 
enchanting poem, 
I will go over you 
again and again 
until I’ve memorized
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