Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XXII

I’ve been terrified

by things many

but nothing

has shaken me


how much

I love you.

Earth Day

Thank you

to the

green leaves

for reminding me


it is health

that radiates beauty

and to the

rushing water

that power


from the collective.

Happy Earth Day!



instead of seeking

a partner

with a particular skill

or quality,

we should

pursue a person

who is full

of effort,

raw energy

for life

and love.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XXI

I have loved you

with things more than love,

beyond the vibrant layers

of devotion

to the rotting

folds of

insecurity and failures;

I have given you

even non-gifts,

because I cannot help

but to offer you everything.

Lyrics & Love

You are poetry,

every lyric

more inscrutable,

yet more beautiful,

drawing me deeper

into a reverie


with flowers

and lace.

Written Lovers

Written words

are lovers,

climbing into your heart

and changing

who you’ve