Dust & Shadows

You are

the only one

to love me

hard enough

to stir the dust

from my heart,

to shake

the shadows

from its corners.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XIII

People tell me

they don’t get


I want

to tell them

if they’ve ever

fallen asleep

with a

broken heart

or cried

as their child

wrapped their hand

around their fingers

for the first time,

they not only

understand poetry:

they’ve been

living it

for years.

Firestone Friday: Poem XVII

I think

we reject

our exes

because our

romantic relationships

offer the most

intimate look

at humanity,

and we’d rather

believe exes

are broken

than concede

that it is

the human heart

— individually and collectively —

that is repulsive.

On Grief

Of course,

we suffer agony

when we lose someone;

how can you not,

when something

crawls out of your heart,

tears through your chest,

and sinks, blood-soaked,

into the soft earth?

On Love & Mourning

I have mourned you

for as long

as I have loved you;

for, from the moment

you became my heart,

I knew that,


my chest would

never be

that full again.


(What will I do with my eyes when they can’t look at you?)


Touchstone Tuesday: Poem X

My heart

races when I

read Scripture,

for it is my heart,

and it has been

found out.