Fanart: Freddie Mercury

Sounds of the stage

from the speakers scream

for any and all people

who would cry out for a Queen.

The beauty is for many

but the burden is for few –

punishment for love

even after law withdrew.

The world knows my name

but the I is reserved,

disrobed only for those

my hearts bleats deserved.

Prison of the body,

unseen and unweary,

unknown even by the hatters

mad with Mercury.

Muzzle Mistake

Society’s mistake

in silencing women

is that is teaches us

to change the world

with a whisper —

and we still remember

how to scream.


I’m haunted

by a thing invited

and a thing that invades.

I permit it

to a room’s space

and at every corner

I find it behind my face

Somewhere Between Spirit and Beast

At once

I’m a tendril of the divine

Connected to eternity

and yet

Just an appetite

With a voice and thumbs

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