Look Again

At any point

we can look

around us

and find

failure, shortcomings,

loss, and dead dreams,

but we should always

look again,

for those

are only stones


around the flowers

of love, grace,

triumphs, and hope,

and these vibrant


are worth admiring.

Social Media Mutiny

Social media debates

are ironic in their

nature and consequence;

you think

you are hurling assaults

upon an adversary,

but it is you,


that is slowly

becoming lesser;

online arguments

are a sort

of silent mutiny,

your own mind

pulling itself

further apart

with every


Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XXII

I’ve been terrified

by things many

but nothing

has shaken me


how much

I love you.



instead of seeking

a partner

with a particular skill

or quality,

we should

pursue a person

who is full

of effort,

raw energy

for life

and love.

Lyrics & Love

You are poetry,

every lyric

more inscrutable,

yet more beautiful,

drawing me deeper

into a reverie


with flowers

and lace.


My mind

tells to my heart:

“There is nothing left

to draft,

for it’s all been written.”

But, my heart laughs,

“Come to me

when you think

a thought

that hasn’t already

been conceived.”