I remember that

the radio continues to play

as a car wrecks,

and I think that’s

how we often live –

ravaged by pain,

aware of our destruction,

and, yet,

humming along.


We reject pain,

but how

that rejection

— that indominatable spirt

to thrive against loss,

creates the most




and hurricanes

deceive us

when they change course,

letting us believe

that disaster can

weave around us,

when death is a tempest

that will not miss.

On Grief

Of course,

we suffer agony

when we lose someone;

how can you not,

when something

crawls out of your heart,

tears through your chest,

and sinks, blood-soaked,

into the soft earth?

On Love & Mourning

I have mourned you

for as long

as I have loved you;

for, from the moment

you became my heart,

I knew that,


my chest would

never be

that full again.


(What will I do with my eyes when they can’t look at you?)


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