We reject pain,

but how

that rejection

— that indominatable spirt

to thrive against loss,

creates the most


Look Again

At any point

we can look

around us

and find

failure, shortcomings,

loss, and dead dreams,

but we should always

look again,

for those

are only stones


around the flowers

of love, grace,

triumphs, and hope,

and these vibrant


are worth admiring.

Firestone Friday: Poem XXI

A powerful freedom

exists in knowing

that your identity,

your unchanging essence,

and your inextricable value,

do not rest

in production,

so whether you produce

triumphs or failures

or nothing at all,

you remain

as richly radiant

as you always have.



is a burden

so heavy,

you cannot

move forward

while you carry it;

it’s hard enough

to walk

when you’re


in your steps —

how can we

expect to

move at all

while we look



(How do you overcome times of shame?)

Firestone Friday: Poem XV

Consumed by deadlines.

Buried in unmet dreams.

Burdened by rejections

that press me farther downstream.

From beneath the water,

I greet the stones with a grin,

for it takes water in your ears,

to hear the voice within.

The Whisperer makes to speak,

and tells the wearied me,

that the things for which I labor

hold not my identity.

The essence, the potentialities,

the soul, and the heart,

your daily triumphs and your failures

hold not even part.

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