Lyrics & Love

You are poetry,

every lyric

more inscrutable,

yet more beautiful,

drawing me deeper

into a reverie


with flowers

and lace.

Written Lovers

Written words

are lovers,

climbing into your heart

and changing

who you’ve


Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XIII

Thrown by your howling wind

and soaked in your tempest rain,

I reach for you,

wondering how you put

this thunder

in my ears.


Words are talismans

from the places

we’ve traveled

and the people

we’ve been,

and the word

I carry in my chest,

favored above all,

is your


Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XII

Poets have long

ached to veil desire

in flowery coverings

to transform emotion

into art.

But what’s more

boldly inspired

than a heart,


crying out

for you?

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