It’s through

generosity —

a relentless

and reckless

kindness —

that we become

something more;

never by money

or influence,


these things

are impotent

in matters

of character.


On a day

celebrating second life,

I am thankful

for the rebirth

in Christ,

that, against all odds,

my leaves again

turn green.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XX

But, a house changes —

on the good days,

you notice

the sun streaming through the curtains.

And, on the bad,

you hear the darkened corners

calling to you.

Firestone Friday: Poem XIV

When you fall in love

with a monster,

you either become

a monster

or a monster-slayer;

what you cannot do

is remain who you were —

the former version

of yourself

was sacrified

the moment you let

a monster into your heart.

Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XIV

It strikes me that

we should never

be broken

or shaken

by disparaging


either the accusations

are true,

and we, should, therefore,

cherish the enlightenment

and be motivated to effect

interior transformation,

or the accusations

are unfounded,

a symptom of the evil

that plagues the accuser.

When untruths are

leveled against us,

it is only the slanderer

who is made less,

deadened (somehow)

even further.


Touchstone Tuesday: Poem IX

I edit my work,

but not early

as often

as my work

edits me.

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