It’s through

generosity —

a relentless

and reckless

kindness —

that we become

something more;

never by money

or influence,


these things

are impotent

in matters

of character.


On a day

celebrating second life,

I am thankful

for the rebirth

in Christ,

that, against all odds,

my leaves again

turn green.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem XX

But, a house changes —

on the good days,

you notice

the sun streaming through the curtains.

And, on the bad,

you hear the darkened corners

calling to you.

Firestone Friday: Poem XIV

When you fall in love

with a monster,

you either become

a monster

or a monster-slayer;

what you cannot do

is remain who you were —

the former version

of yourself

was sacrified

the moment you let

a monster into your heart.