Firestone Friday: Poem XXII

I see you in every mountain, valley, and assembly of water. I feel you in every breeze, raindrop, and patch of sunlight. I hear you in the voices of others, in the tolling bell, and in the neighbor’s music. I smell you in the chain restaurants, the budding flowers, and the decayed leaves. I taste you in my morning coffee, in my hot tea, and in my straight whiskey. Even at the loss of my senses, I could not escape the world in my mind that is crafted in your matter. There is nothing without or within me that occurs to me before going through you, first.

On Clinging to Life

I cling to life

with white knuckles,

because it’s the only

thing I’ve ever known.

But, is that a good reason

to cling to something,

because it’s the only thing

you’ve ever known?

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