Christmas: On Joy

Unmerited love

and joy unforeseen,

in the glow of your fire,

my soul is evergreen.

Christmas: On Harmony

May peace reign

and harmony fill the halls;

may our hopes rise

as the glittering snow falls.

On Romantic Novels

I used to read

romance novels

in a fit of fantasy,

living through the characters,

indulging in their dalliance.

Now I read them

as a sort of tragedy;

tales of two lovers

who will never experience

that look in your eyes.

Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem XI

She’s a brilliant moon

and, oh,

how I long for the night.

Touchstone Tuesday: Poem VII

Like an 
enchanting poem, 
I will go over you 
again and again 
until I’ve memorized

Firestone Friday: Poem X

Literature and love

perform much the same:

a flowery dressing,

a crafted seduction,

and an uncovering

that makes the reader

to quiver.

On Inebriation

They ask

if I’ve ever been

black out drunk,

and I can’t help

but to rememeber

how intoxicated

I was

when I first saw you.

Wordsmith Wednesday: Poem X

We all want to be the
with the bigger stick.

When are we going
to start building something
with all of these sticks?

Strong Language



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Touchstone Tuesday: Poem VI

It’s not that most connections

carry no love;

it’s that so many loves

can exist only in one space —

can survive only at the bar

or breathe only within an app.

To uncover a connection

worth pursuing

is to find a love that can flourish

at home

and in the streets —

Saturday night

and Sunday morning.