Corona Carnage

This pandemic

has taken peace

(however much of it we had)

and put in its place

a constant, unrelenting


— somehow shockingly swift

and sadistically slow —

creating a sort of global wartime,

that makes us yearn for

the things of comfort:

a mother’s embrace,

a lover’s touch,

a child’s messy kiss,

and corona,

this cruel, ironic burden,

has made those

the very weapons of its war.

(where do we find


when the war is in

our homes?)

Headline of Satire IV

Tom Brady Leaves Patriots to Play for Middle School Football Team, Wonders What It Will Be Like to Be Knocked Down for the First Time in His Career

Headline of Satire: I

2020 Election to be Held in Style of Masked Singer, with Candidates to Dress as Their Favorite Character from Scandal

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