Diabetic Holiday Gift Guide

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I tried a thousand ways to write that title in a jovial, snappy way, but you’ll have to take what I gave you. You get the point: here is a list of low-glycemic gift ideas for our loved ones with blood sugar sensitivities. See why I was struggling with all of those clunky words?

Holidays can be especially frustrating for those of us with sugar sensitivities (or any food sensitivities, really). While Uncle Eugene polishes off his fourth tray of Christmas cookies, you’re left poking around the vegetable tray, looking longingly at the table of bright, delicious-looking desserts. Even with my theatrical flare (sorry, Uncle Eugene), the point is clear: people with blood sugar sensitivities struggle most during the holidays, as seemingly everyone else opens chocolate-covered treats, and they’re stuck without.

No more! Joyfully, companies and manufacturers have noted the need for diabetic-friendly treats, and have answered. What I mean by that is corporations have recognized an untapped market and exploited it. Ah, capitalism — it keeps things moving!

Here are some gift ideas for your diabetic and sugar-sensitive loved ones. Haven’t you just missed buying them holiday treats?

  1. Here is a Keep Healthy Low-Glycemic Sea Salt Brownie Bar — let’s be real; these are alternative desserts and snacks, not grandma’s homemade brownies.

Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Protein Bar, Sea Salt Brownie, 12g Plant Based Protein, 5g Fiber, Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, 1.97-Ounce Bars (Pack of 16)

2.  Green & Black’s Decadent Dark Chocolate Bars

Green & Black�s: Organic Dark Chocolate 70% (1 x 3.5 oz)

3. ChocZero Chocolates

ChocZero’s Dark Collection, Premium Dark Chocolate, Sugar Free, Low Carb. No sugar alcohols, All Natural, Non-GMO -4 Bags(50% Dark, 70% Dark, 85% Dark and 92% Dark, 40 pieces)

4. Keep Healthy Coconut Crunch Bar

Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Protein Bars, Coconut Crunch, Organic Vegan Energy Bars, 12g Plant Based Protein, 6g Fiber, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher 1.97-Oz. (16 Count)

5. Simple MD Chocolate Almond Mediterranean Bars

SimpleMD Chocolate Almond Mediterranean Bars, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten-Free, w/ Red Wine and Olive Oil (12 Pack)

6. Sweet Chipotle Think Jerky

Think Jerky Sweet Chipotle Grass-Fed Beef Jerky (Pack of 5)

You’ve probably missed purchasing snacks and desserts for your loved ones as much as they have missed receiving them! May this list give you some ideas that renew your gift-giving! What other low-glycemic treats have you found?


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