Boosting Your Lymphatic System

Of all our systems (digestive, immune, nervous, lymph, etc.), lymph just doesn’t get the attention it has earned. Our lymphatic system is in charge of managing defense and detoxification — not a small job, right?

The lymphatic system is this: a waste-management and protection network that moves lymph fluid throughout the body, with primary operators being tonsils, spleen, and thymus.

Perhaps, the enormous function of the lymphatic system is more powerfully expressed by considering the burdens we endure when it isn’t functioning properly:

  1. Joint and muscle pain
  2. Skin eruptions, including acne and eczema
  3. Arthritis
  4. Chronic fatigue
  5. Frequent infections, viruses, and illnesses
  6. Cancer formation

When the body’s defense and detoxification system isn’t functioning well, we become bogged down by lethargy, illness, toxicity, and disease. Our channels are blocked, causing a buildup of toxins — how could we not develop burdensome symptoms?

As critical thinkers, then, we wonder, “what could make our lymphatic system perform poorly?” We are. Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. This means that it relies on our breathing, laughing, exercise, and anything else that causes muscle contraction to function. With our troublesome diet and our incredible lack of physical activity, our lymph fluid is sitting idle, unable to carry toxins.

How to jump start your lymphatic system

As usual, our bodies are pretty forgiving. If we put a little effort into this, we can help our lymph system to help us. Here are some simple ways to earn back the functionality of your lymphatic system:

    1. Exercise & Rebounding – because muscle contraction spurs lymphatic movement, any movement is beneficial. However, rebounding — jumping on a trampoline — is the most beneficial exercise for lymph, as it uses gravity to push the lymph toward the heart — where it needs to go. I recently purchased a mini trampoline. It’s delightful.
    2. Laughing – of course, you can’t force yourself to laugh (I know, because my jokes often meet a silent audience!). However, seeking laughter in internet videos or your favorite comedy may be the healthiest choice you make all day. Who knew?
    3. Dry brushing – this is a unique process I have cherished. Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like: you purchase a stiff-bristled brush and brush your skin toward your heart. You can purchase one here: Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush
    4. Teas are useful for almost every health function, and lymph function is no exception. Red root and burdock root have been shown to promote healthy lymph function by stimulating lymph flow. I have even noticed an enormous decrease in allergy symptoms since starting the tea.  Organic Burdock Root C/S

For a system that does incredible things for our health, it doesn’t take much to help it along. Try some of the ideas above and let me know if you find relief from your symptoms! Stay healthy.


This is a platform to discuss and reflect on ideas, advancements, questions, and other musings. I am neither a health expert nor a member of clergy. The only authority I have to speak is my experience — I yield no degree or certification to give you medical, psychological, or religious advice. This is simply where minds come to meet and broaden. 

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